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As you browse our online store, please note that all products and images are examples of artwork that S & S Designs has created and each piece can be personalized to meet your specific style and design ideas.  There is a section in the checkout page labeled “Order Notes” where you can fill out your specific design ideas such as size, color, words or logos used in your piece.  We ask that if the product design has a lot of specific details or if you do not see a design idea on our website but would still like us to make you a piece of artwork, please email us at sswoodworking@hotmail.com.  This allows us to start a conversation with you to ensure you are getting the personalized piece of artwork to fit your style.

All artwork is made from reclaimed pallet wood.  Due to the nature of using reclaimed wood, we strive to do our best to make sure your piece is as close to the estimated dimension you request as possible.  (If a more exact size is needed, please indicate this in your order in the “Order Notes” section during check out).  The natural raw look of reclaimed wood is found in all of S & S Designs’ artwork.

S & S Designs, based in Frederick, MD, was founded by Sean Tucker and Steve Moore in 2018.  Both Sean and Steve are former college football players, high school football coaches, and teachers.  When they are not shaping the minds of America’s youth, they create artwork from reclaimed wood.  Sean and Steve wanted to share their love for the hobby with the world and start offering their clients a way to browse, personalize, and select artwork online.